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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 4, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. firefighters are getting the upper hand on a series of wildfires. here is the biggest, the spring fire is at 2600 acres and 56% contained. panther fire is east of redding, 7,000 acres and 30% contained. crews are gaining ground on the summit fire, it's consumed 3200 acres. it is now fully contained. closer to home the yellow fire
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that was burning is fully contained, as well. it begin on wednesday and charred 125 acres. clayton has an update on the california's fire fight. >> moist air is helping the fast-moving fire that has burned more than 28,000 acres in a short amount of time. >> it's something we don't see very often in california. today the weather is a relief for the firefighters. >> flames still threaten thousands of homes. >> they are making a drop. there is a home there. >> remarkably no homes have been lost and only about 15 have been damaged. >> these firemen did a tremendous job. i'm very thankful to them. >> here is what happened this week. a high pressure system moved rotating clockwise sending air over the mountains. that air dropped and became less humid. that gust of wind is what fanned the wildfires.
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now a low is bringing winds from the other direction with showers and cooler temperatures sunday into monday. that say firefighters will go a long way to help get this blaze now nearly 60% contained finally under control. the weather will have a huge impact on how quickly those fires are contained. meteorologist leigh glaser shows us what firefighters can expect. >> red flag warnings posted for the north bay earlier this afternoon have been cancelled. let's go to live doppler and you can see why. marine layer is back. we've had a nice wind shift, nor north-northwest winds and moisture starting to move in. thanks to an area of low pressure that will actually affect us with a chance of more showers as we head into the first part of next week. red bluff this evening has received a little bit of light rain. taking you down to southern california, same scenario, a
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wind shift, more onshore and that will mean increased humidity for those folks and also a cooler air mass settling over. it wasn't so cool today. highs around the bay, 89 sanity roles. san francisco reached 73. it was 89 in redwood city and 90 in livermore. get ready for a big drop in temperatures tomorrow. we'll have the forecast coming up. the north bay has seen a handful of fires including one today. it's good news the region is adding to the fire ranks. >> reporter: more than two dozen firefighters from catholic fire and napa fire departments responded at about 1:00 in tot area in napa. grass fire threatened two homes. flames came right up to wally's house. >> i was worried about the garage. it came right up to the siding on the garage. it's close. last year there was a fire, couple years the same location
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it was right here. >> the fire was put out in hop minutes. four grass fires like this have threatened his home over the past nine years. it's ready to fight fires like this that two santa rosa firehouses have reopened full time. firehouse 11 opened up in time to save the life of a man this week. >> was not breathing and didn't have a heart rate and they delivered him to the hospital with a pulse. >> firehouse 11 on lewis road have been browned out since 2009. nearby homeowner says she now has a full time fully staffed fire station. >> we live up just the road and we have almost a acre. it's getting hot. with little ones you get nervous. it's nice to know we have firefighters, more of them here. >> the two firehouses were
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victims of bad economic times. deputy chief says they worked out a plan to keep the area covered. >> the station was browned out and station 10 was opened. when ten was browned out, station 11 was open. >> the sacrifice was helped by a fema grant. it allowed the department to hire 14 knew firefighters. >> the fema grant runs out in two years but firefighters say they and the still will come up with the necessary funds to make sure that changes are permanent. >> ama: stay with us for continuing coverage. we will have updates at 11:00 and more instant updates by following us on twitter. a house fire in san ramon led to evacuations in neighboring homes today. the fire started at 4:30 at a home on lexington place. winds made it difficult to control.
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crews had to back off a bit before resuming the fire fight. the fire did damage a neighboring home. investigators in calaveras county are knocking on doors this weekend looking for clouds klooz that will layla's killer. she was stabbed to death. search forfeiture killer has had few credible leads. a white or hispanic man provided by the 12-year-old brother. there is a manhunt in richmond as police search for a shooter tonight. someone shot a man in his car around 7:15 this morning. victim lost control control of his car. the man died but no one else was hurt. >> people are out celebrating the cinco de mayo weekend and police will be on lookout for those that are drinking and driving. checkpoints will be operating across the bay area including san francisco and fremont. special saturation patrols begin thursday and ran through sunday morning. police in san jose are closing
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some major streets during tomorrow's celebration. it brings large crowds to santa clara street and roosevelt park. fourth street and downtown market street will be closed along with a stretch of king road. at the same time sharks fans will be there for the nhl playoffs. >> still at 9:00, what led to a wild shootout between police and man armed with an ak-47. also why scientists say video games can be a big boost to the brains of baby boomer.
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journey today. this is the solar impulse making a landing this morning. the flight took 18 hours and 18 minutes, slow by modern standards but it used no fuel. solar cells feed batteries. it will stay in phoenix until it leaves on the next flight to dallas. >> 160 new jobs are coming to the bay area, walmart is opening a new neighborhood mart in pleasanton and another in vallejo. temporary hiring centers have opened for full time and part-time positions. they have a hiring center on santa rita road. walmart plans to open two more market stores in vacaville. >> coming up next, why police believe a standard traffic stop turned into a wild shootout. cool weather could be on the way. leigh glaser has details.
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>> giants and dodgers, on the die manned at at&t park, it was 2-0 and buster 3q
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woolite everyday, cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer. two officers in ohio were nearly killed by a gunman that seemed like a traffic stop. >> it started at a routine traffic stop in rural ohio. without warning the driver flings the door open and starts blasting away. it all happened last march but police have just released the video.
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he puts 33 rounds with an ak-47 style assault rifle. you can hear how surprised the officers were one letting out a scream. they were outside the car while her partner was inside. both were injured and managed to take cover and return fire hitting the 42-year-old you can hear him say kill me. he shot, wilkerson fires off a few more bullets before he died. they don't know why he went on rampage. more ammunition in his car a ski mask and instructional dvds on how to make explosives. >> scientists say video games could help baby boomers stay sharp in their golden years. scientists tested people between 50 and 64 in two separate
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groups. they solved difficult crossword puzzles. they found the gamers showed improvement and perception over the counterparts that didn't play games. they believe the games can help fend off mental decline. it has been quite hot around the bay area. >> big cooldown and we are seeing bank of fog sitting off the coast. live doppler 7 picking up nicely on that. check this out. more of an onshore wind component. it's toward the golden gate bridge, down to ocean beach and half moon bay. yes, a cooling mechanism in place for the bay area. definitely for tomorrow and even mist and drizzle being reported right near the span of the golden gate bridge. we had isolated thunderstorms near the sierra moving from east
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to west. those have since died down. they will fire back up tomorrow. here is a live look around rooftop camera. 54 half moon bay. high definition sutro cam looking down at san francisco, it's 60 in fairfield. los gatos, 59 degrees. here is a look at some of the wind speeds, westerly winds moving through the gaps there. napa gusting to 29 in fairfield. check out half moon bay, gusts of 31 miles an hour. it will be those strong wind speeds tomorrow that will actually help to drop temperatures down as much as 20 degrees in some locations by tomorrow afternoon. tonight, low clouds and fog return. sharp drop in temperatures for your sunday and then a chance of showers setting up for next week. radar, satellite composite, some of the isolated showers that
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developed earlier in this evening. some of those rotating back towards the west. here the bang of fog. some of that moisture will move over the bay area by tomorrow afternoon as well as on monday. overnight lows, hop's in the north bay, mid to low 50s near the coast where the fog will sit. here is the setup. low pressure to the east of us. it's rotating back towards the west. as it does, any moisture could fire up around the sierra with isolated showers, maybe a thunderstorm developing by tomorrow afternoon. this is 5:00. then as this low starts to go back over the coast. moisture by 5:00 a.m. monday could possibly reach the bay area. we will look for some mist and drizzle tomorrow morning. you can see as it positions itself off the coast. counterclockwise spin, if there is moisture it will drive it up. much cooler and unsettled
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weather pattern in store for the bay area for about wednesday of next week. highs for sunday, really coming down. they will tank tomorrow. san jose, only 70 degrees at the coast. gusty winds and half moon bay, 62. 70 for redwood city. san francisco, drop only to 65. north bay, 72 for santa rosa. 70 for sonoma. oakland, 69. 72, fremont. check out inland east bay, you have been in the mid 90s the past few days. brentwood only 70 degrees tomorrow. concord is 74 and 77 for livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, there is a shot of some showers on monday. sprinkles on tuesday. the low moves out of here. back into the 80s next weekend. >> shu is here with sports and really hate losing to the dodgers. >> that is right. giants hosting the dodgers with buster posey poised to make some noise. walk-off homer.
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he started off the fireworks last night. bringing the kentucky derby to at&t park. buster sends one to the gap to the center with bases loaded, bounces over the wall, but vog el songs blew a 6-1 lead. 7 runs and four 2/3 innings. cut the lead to 8-7 and rodriguez force add wild pitch and tie the game at 8. right now we're tied at 9 in the eighth. complete highlights at 11:00. >> a's in new york, third inning chris stewart, solo shot to the left. yaj keys ees gave the 1-0 lead. this one is gone. monster bash in the second deck.
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2-0 yankees, sixth inning, travis bloops one to the left. a's were down. yankees, eight scoreless innings yankees go on to win, 4-2 your final. the churchill downs, run for the roses. we haven't had a triple crown winner since afirm and you had to be a mudder. >> here comes orb from the outside. to take the lead as they come down to the pole. it's orb the normandy invasion. down to the line, orb has won the kentucky derby. >> orb is your winner. 5-1 favorite came roaring from behind, running 2.02.89.
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>> and revolutionary was third. >> the warriors are in san antonio to fais the spurs. game one set for monday night. after the win against denver. namely, center tim duncan never lost to the warriors in shown during entire career. the team is 2-2 this season. bogus is going to have his hands full. >> they have a different thing. they can throw it down. knowing where he is and have a game plan to defend them on the post. >> game 7, nets and bulls in barclay center. nate robinson turns it over. darren williams nice bounce,
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second quarter, all alone for the dunk, bulls led 61-44 at halftime. chicago's in the oot former warrior had 24 put chicago, 99-93 and will face miami in the semifinals. >> third round, anyone see my daughter. there she is running in front of scott gardner. mom chasing her. phil mickelson after a double bogey, check out this approach on 16. it's a special at a time they are the head. ball bounces to the next hole. he apologizes. she wibd him luck. and it will to go sunday's final round. and as we speak in las vegas, the fight with may weather will
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it's a must have! coming up tonight at 11:00. >> newly disabled woman needed a new cellphone and it was a problem. i'm michael finney and "7 on your side" is coming up. >> and more problems tonight for cruise lines, a ship docks in the bay area with quarantined passengers. what is keeping them on board. that is tonight at 11:00. today is may the fourth, to star war fans it's may the fourth be with you. fans snapped photos outside a
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store packed with star wars toy and art. inside, they traded memorabilia and meant artists. there are events going on all over the world today. boys and girls got a double dose, may 4th was freedom i can book day. stores handed out free novels and classic comics. it started 11 years ago to boost interest in comic books. it's held the first saturday of every may. >> that is it for "abc 7 news" at 9:00. our next news is at 11:00 over on abc7. i'm amaaetz. thanks for joining us and alarm clock app is available for android phones and available for this iphone. it will help you wake up with the latest news headlines. we'll see you at 11:00 on 7.
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[music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering l. m. n. o. p. and everyone in between. i'm michelle meow, your host. we're excited because it's our first ever swirl tv on kofy tv. we have a great interview coming up and great group of segment hosts and they're all very diverse. it's the gay news with myself we feature major headlines from earlier this month. the boston marathon bombing brought those together to pray and mourn those who lost their lives. three lost their lives and over 170 were injured. eme media picked up a very


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